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Mother Daughter relationships are a sacred bond. This bond needs to be understood nurtured to create a life time od balance, support & happiness.

Childhood is such a magical and important time where our brains develop rapidly, we love to play, explore, learn about the world we live in and where our self beliefs are created.

I am a mum on a mission to find the Magic Balance.

The Mother Daughter Balance.

To raise three beautifully balanced daughters and have meaningful relationships with them. And while on this journey of Motherhood I now know my other mission is to find peace, balance and happiness within myself as well.

Because I have to be the example.

As mothers, we are the first relationship they have. 

Unfortunatly I never had a close relationship with my mother and was lucky to be raised by my grandparents.

Now being blessed with 3 daughters, I know I am here to be the mother I never had. To have close relationships with them and to help raise them to be confident, resilient, kind and to be truly HAPPY. To follow their dreams.

My daughters are teaching me just as much as I am teaching them. I want to give my daughters what my inner child missed out on. Strong meaningful relationships that learn how to show your emotions and to be able to communicate no matter what. 

We all want to feel supported, loved, needed and valued.

Now having learnt astrology and understanding my birthchart I now know I am definetly here to be the caring, playful mother. 

It was in the stars…. and my 5th house Cancer Moon. I can now understand my self better and how I wish to parent. And even more important I can read my daughter’s charts to understand how they feel love by their Moon.

We invite magic into our everyday lives. It is full of inspiration, fun & possibility.
It helps create connection and balance. My girls and I love to Star Gaze up at the night sky and wish upon a star. We invite the fairies into our home, watch sunsets at the beach while collecting shells & welcoming new & magical crystals into our collection.

What I have found to help is slowing life right down. To make time to spend with each other, just us. We have started to journal with the magic rhythm of the moon. We write & draw our intentions together, release our fears & worries and manifest what we wish for ourselves.

It’s a sacred time to start meaningful conversations and to create positive mindsets.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is true however in today’s society that has become a bit lost. Depending on your family situation and the ever growing internet world and social media it’s becoming more easier to feel very lost and alone. 

That’s why I am glad that you are here. To help me build a supportive community of beautiful mother’s who are all on the same mission. To inspire the Connection, Balance, Mindset & Magic we wish for our Mother Daughter Balance.

Inspirational Prints

Inspirational Prints

Need beautiful Inspiration around you? I have created what I like to call Magic Mirror Mantras that are to remind you how important your soul gifts are to the world and that you can put anything you put your mind to.

The Elemental Moon

The Elemental Moon

Learn about how your Moon sign effects how you feel and how you can emotionally support your daughter.

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Think. Play. Love. Blog

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